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Brian Epstein at George and Pattie’s wedding 

“George had brought Pattie home to Liverpool and we all went to the theatre in a party. His dad and I loved her at first sight, but I’ve got a brother who’s a bit cynical about models. He thinks most of them are phonies. But this night, I remember, he turned to me
at the theatre and nodded in Pattie’s direction. ‘She’s real,” he said - and that’s high praise from him!’

later on George himself talked to me about Pattie. ‘Mum,’ he said, ‘I like Pattie very much and one day I’m going to marry her, but I can’t tell you when. We’ve got to keep it a secret. All I’m going to say to you is this. It’ll happen suddenly, and when it does I want you and dad to catch the first train to London to be with us.’”

“She’s a lovely girl and she’s right for George. I’ve watched her with him. She’s not jealous of his success at all, and that’s a great thing. When people are around George and taking up all his attention, Pattie just creeps away and occupies herself with something else. A book maybe. She just curls up in a chair and seems quite happy on her own.”

Louise Harrison, George Harrison’s mother, about Pattie Boyd. (via something-in-her-smile)

paul remembering the first time he performed without the band on the ed sullivan show.


George gets shocked by the mic during the filming of Let It Be.

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