Beatles. Blackpool Big Night Out. July 19, 1964

The video of this show has disappeared, believed wiped!

There is some private audio. They played: A Hard Day’s Night, Things We Said Today, You Can’t Do That, If I Fell (with a fasle start – ‘to prove we’re playing live’) and Long Tall Sally.

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When John Lennon was not able to leave America while waiting for his Green Card in the mid 70’s, him and son Julian would send audio tapes back to each other. In this tape Julian (Age 11) is saying thank you to his father for his birthday presents for his 11th birthday in 1974! (This birthday Julian received two guitars. One guitar that was given to him had a mirror on it, a fake Ruby, and a bunch of other little things that John himself glued on to it.)

Here is what Julian says:

“Dear Dad, Thank-

Dear Dad and- sorry!

Dear Dad and Yoko thank you for the presents you have given me for my birthday. 

I don’t know what to say, and I thank you very much.

And I hope to hear from you soon on your recorder.

Love, Julian.



And heres some music from um, some of your albums

on the other side and this side after. Over.” 

(Then he plays “Love Me Do”) 

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Happy Anniversary, Lennon and McCartney.

↳ Who met 57 years ago today on July 6th, 1957. 

"I first met John on a thing called The Woolton Village Fete and I showed up there with his friend and my friend, a guy called Ivan. And we were backstage, they’d done a little set in the afternoon and they were getting ready to do one in the evening and John was loosening up a little bit, and he’d had a bit of a beer and I was pretty young and as he leaned over towards me he had this beery breath and I though "Oh dear, nu-uh". I wasn’t impressed at all. What happened was we all started playing little bits and pieces sort of to impress each other. And I borrowed a right handed guitar- most of my friends would play right handed, obviously, and I had to learn how to play it upside down. So, I sort of did something- I did ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ by Eddie Cochran. And what happened was, John was quite impressed. I think it was just cause I knew all the words and that was like really cool in those days, to know all the words to ‘Twenty Flight Rock’. So, I played it for him and apperantly that’s what got me in The Beatles." -Paul McCartney